Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I've been a bad blogger...

Yes, it's true, I've neglected my blog. But it is only for what I feel are good reasons. Here's why:
  1. In my last post I promised to discuss hardware. Well, I finally finished speccing out the hardware. I've also ordered, received, and assembled all said hardware.
  2. To be as well prepared for this installation and migration as possible, I've worked on (and re-worked on) a lab environment to get some hands on with the product and process before going live.
  3. I'm lazy. Ok, maybe that's not a good reason as much as an excuse....

I'm sure nobody out there was holding their breath for the latest updates in my continuing saga with Exchange 2007, but now that I've got this post under my belt I think I can get back in the swing of things.

And after all that went into reasons one and two listed above, there is plenty to post about!

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