Thursday, March 8, 2007

Let the migration begin!

I finished DST updating - it's done, or I'm done.... Either way it's behind me now. This is important, not only because I'm out of the nightmare which DST was (mostly anyway), but it means I'm free to move on to bigger and better.... Thus, in the words of wise old Rafiki ( I am happy to announce: It is time!

Yes, my long awaited time to begin migrating to Exchange 2007 has arrived! This really gets back to one of my main reasons for starting this blog anyway: tracking and posting about my plans, progress, trials, and accomplishments in migrating to Exchange.

Since first seeing Exchange 2007 in action at TechEd 06 I've been looking forward to putting it into production. Now the expectation becomes reality.

My first step from here will be getting the hardware to run it. Next week I'll give some info on what I'm looking at for servers and how/why I've specced them out.

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