Friday, March 2, 2007

OT - My adventures in PSP

Ok, so after a whole 2 days of hardcore blogging, I thought it would be a good time to go into something off topic from the main technical arenas this blog was started to discuss.

And so I've chosen to talk about gaming. I'm not a huge or extreme gamer by any means. But I do enjoy the diversion every once in a while. I've got an XBOX console at home, which I do play some, but my wife likes it to stay put away so usually I'm not in the mood (too lazy) to go through the trouble of taking it out and hooking it up and then putting it away. I don't really do any PC gaming (other than an occasional round of Pinball or Minesweeper), that died out for me after we had to take our Half-Life server down, yes the one at the office of course. I did find that I was inclined to take out my PocketPC and get in a quick game here and there, which led me to think of going down the mobile gaming path. Now, my daughter has a Nintendo DS and is quite happy with it, but I wanted something a little more. That really only left the Sony PSP. So after much contemplation (or what my good friend "The" John Hann calls obsession) I finally caved and got one last year.....

I bought the Entertainment Package which included a 1GB memory stick, the ATV Offroad Fury game, and the UMD Lords of Dogtown movie. If I had to do it over again, I must say I'd go with just the base package and buy a memory stick. I ended up buying a 2GB stick to go with it as well, which was a great deal from Best Buy during the one of their one day sales during the holidays for $39. I should have bought two at that price!!

As far as games go, I've got:
  1. ATV Offroad Fury (Ok game, if you like racers)
  2. Lumines (cool game, I could probably do better at it if I hadn't played so much Tetris)
  3. Gradius Collection (love it, but it still kicks my butt)
  4. Ghosts N Goblins (great game, still working on it)
  5. X-Men Legends II (pretty decent I guess, took a bit to get used to and now feels a bit repetitive like you're just doing the same thing over just on different levels)
My opinion of the PSP overall?? I like it. I enjoy the games and I like being able to transfer movies from DVD to the memory stick and watch them. It's not something I'm addicted to as I probably only play games a few hours a month. But what is really nice about it is that when I'm ready to play, so is my PSP. Enough said.

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